Oral Calcium Supplementation Ambulatory Blood Pressure and Relation to Changes in Intracellular Ions and Sodium-Hydrogen Exchange

Maria I. Pikilidou, Christina D. Befani, Pantelis A. Sarafidis, Peter Nilsson, George G. Koliakos, Ioannis M. Tziolas, Kiriakos A. Kazakos, John G. Yovos, Anastasios N. Lasaridis

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BACKGROUND Calcium (Ca2+) supplementation has been shown paradoxically to reduce intracellular Ca2+ and induce vascular relaxation. The aim of the study was to assess 24-h blood pressure (BP) change after Ca2+ supplementation and to investigate its relation to changes in intracellular ions and the activity of the first isoform of sodium-hydrogen exchange (NHE-1) in subjects with hypertension and type 2 diabetes. METHODS This parallel, randomized controlled, single-blinded trial, consisted of 31 patients with type 2 diabetes, and hypertension who were allocated to receive 1,500 mg of Ca2+ per day (n = 15) or no treatment (n = 16) for 8 weeks. RESULTS In the Ca2+ group a decrease of 1.7 +/- 2.7 mm Hg (mean +/- SE) P = 0.52 for mean 24-h systolic BP (SBP) and 2.1 +/- 1.5 mm Hg, P = 0.19 for mean 24-h diastolic BP (DBP) was recorded. Whereas in the control group an increase of 1.4 +/- 2.7 mm Hg, P = 0.59 for mean 24-h SBP and 1.2 +/- 2.8 mm Hg, P = 0.83 for mean 24-h DBP was observed. Intraplatelet Ca2+ decreased whereas intraplatelet magnesium (Mg2+) and erythrocyte K+ increased in the intervention group. Change in mean 24-h SBP in the pooled group correlated with both change in intraplatelet Ca2+ (r = 0.49, P < 0.05) and NHE-1 activity (r = 0.6, P < 0.001). The contribution of intraplatelet Ca2+ was attenuated when both parameters were entered in a multivariate regression model. CONCLUSIONS The present study shows a weak, statistically nonsignificant trend towards association of Ca2+ supplementation on 24-h BP in hypertensive subjects with type 2 diabetes. However, our results indicated an interrelation of [Ca2+], levels and NHE-1 activity on BP in patients with hypertension and type 2 diabetes.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1263-1269
JournalAmerican Journal of Hypertension
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2009

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  • Other Clinical Medicine


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