Other protein blood groups

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Antigens of the remaining 35 blood group systems are carried by glycoproteins. This chapter addresses only those antigens that elicit formation of clinically significant antibodies while briefly commenting on the other blood group systems. The most commonly encountered antibodies are directed against the M, N, S, and s antigens. The Lutheran blood group system contains multiple antigens; however, clinically significant antibodies are rarely encountered. The Kell glycoprotein is a member of the neprilysin (M13) family of zinc metalloproteases. The Duffy glycoprotein has seven transmembrane a-helical domains and is homologous with proteins of the G-coupled protein receptor family. Kidd is an integral protein with 10 transmembrane domains and both N-and C-termini located intracellularly. Antigens of the Diego blood group system are carried by band 3, the most abundant integral protein of the red cell membrane together with glycophorin A.

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