Packaging Networks - a framework for integrating packaging suppliers in the demand chain

Chris Dominic

Research output: ThesisLicentiate Thesis


The ability to understand packaging and how it contributes to the establishment of efficient logistics and the creation of individualised values for consumers is becoming increasingly important. This licentiate thesis stresses the importance of applying a holistic view of packaging in order to be able to understand how to adapt the distribution channel to meet consumer demands. The study focuses on the packaging, the suppliers of packaging and their current relations to the actors in the distribution channel, and how they can develop to play active roles in logistics. The objective of this work has been to explore the potentials for packaging suppliers to work as Network Integrators to increase efficiency and in at the same time contribute knowledge in logistics that will help to bridge gaps in packaging and logistics theory.
The research has involved qualitative case studies of packaging and packaging suppliers. The field of logistics is developing rapidly. To examine this in depth, benchmarking studies were carried out, and the way in which this new knowledge can be applied in the packaging industry is discussed.
The conclusion of this thesis is that there are gaps in the theory, and this work presents framework to strengthen the packaging and logistics theory. Further this work has identified the Network Integrator, an actor who can play a significant role to create efficiency in logistics.
Original languageEnglish
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  • Packaging Logistics
  • [unknown], [unknown], Supervisor, External person
ISBN (Print)978-91-976278-1-8, 91-976278-1-X
Publication statusPublished - 2006

Subject classification (UKÄ)

  • Other Mechanical Engineering


  • packaging logistics
  • demand chain management
  • logistics
  • network integrator
  • packaging integrator


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