Physical Layer Techniques for High Frequency Wireline Broadband Systems

Eduardo Lins de Medeiros

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This thesis collects contributions to wireline and wireless communication systems with an emphasis on multiuser and multicarrier physical layer technology.

To deliver increased capacity, modern wireline access systems such as extend the signal bandwidth up from tens to hundreds of MHz. This ambitious development revealed a number of unforeseen hurdles such as the impact of impedance changes in various forms. Impedance changes have a strong effect on the performance of multi-user crosstalk mitigation techniques such as vectoring. The first part of the thesis presents papers covering the identification of one of these problems, a model describing why it occurs and a method to mitigate its effects, improving line stability for systems.

A second part of the thesis deals with the effects of temperature changes on wireline channels. When a vectored (MIMO) wireline system is initialized, channel estimates need to be obtained. This thesis presents contributions on the feasibility of re-using channel coefficients to speed up the vectoring startup procedures, even after the correct coefficients have changed, e.g., due to temperature changes. We also present extensive measurement results showing the effects of temperature changes on copper channels using a temperature chamber and British cables.

The last part of the thesis presents three papers on the convergence of physical layer technologies, more specifically the deployment of OFDM-based radio systems using twisted pairs in different ways. In one proposed scenario, the idea of using the access copper lines to deploy small cells inside users' homes is explored. The feasibility of the concept, the design of radio-heads and a practical scheme for crosstalk mitigation are presented in three contributions.
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Department of Electrical and Information Technology
  • Ödling, Per, Supervisor
  • Börjesson, Per Ola, Supervisor
  • Höst, Stefan, Supervisor
Award date2018 Mar 14
Place of PublicationLund
ISBN (Print)978-91-7753-549-2
ISBN (electronic) 978-91-7753-550-8
Publication statusPublished - 2018

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Date: 2018-03-14
Time: 09:15
Place: Lecture hall E:1406, building E, Ole Römers väg 3, Lund University, Faculty of Engineering LTH, Lund
External reviewer
Name: Maes, Jochen
Title: Doctor
Affiliation: Nokia Bell Labs, Belgium

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  • Telecommunications

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  • Digital Subscriber Line
  • Multicarrier Modulation
  • Vectoring
  • Copper cables
  • Radio-over-Copper


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