Public Procurement of Industrially Produced Housing

Kristian Widén, Stefan Olander, Frida Norvall

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    The aim of the research was to investigate how a model for public procurement could be designed with the aim of including industrially produced housing in the procurement process in Sweden.

    Methodological approach
    The study was performed in two steps, an initial literature review and then a case study. The literature review aimed at creating an understanding of how this is done in other contexts and what the public procurement legislation allows. The case study investigated the current procurement process using an existing project between two companies, one public client and a contractor.

    Conclusions from case study are that co-operation in an early stage is desirable as well as involving the contractor in an early stage. In the process every involved should get the opportunity to use their knowledge in the process and form the project. The criteria for evaluation is important as well as the objectives for the project. To use an industrial produced housing also demands special attention to the regulation of secrecy.
    An important conclusion is that it should be possible, within the existing regulatory context, to procure industrial produced housing. The adoption of competitive dialogue, though, would probably increase the possibility of it to happen regularly.

    The paper is based on research that is finished.

    The work helps to identify the problems and possibilities of public clients procuring industrially produced housing. It reveals that the main obstacles as such is not the legislation, but at the same time it could probably made easier by the adoption of competitive dialogue into the Swedish procurement legislation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationProceedings of 5th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organisation
    Publication statusPublished - 2009

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    • Construction Management

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    • public clients
    • industrially produced housing
    • public procurement
    • procurement legislation


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