QF Modelling of Electro-Pulse-Therapy

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In electro-pulse therapy treatment, only the cells exposed to a sufficiently strong electric field will respond immediately. The tumour cells that are permeabilized become much more accessible to hydrophilic molecules since these are normally rejected by the membrane barrier. The anticancer agent Bleomycin has proven to be the most potent drug in electro-pulse therapy and is the one often used in electro-pulse chemotherapy. However, cisplatin, another anticancer agent has also been found to be effective in electro-pulse chemotherapy.
Usually, needle electrodes are used for clinical treatment of tumours with Electro-pulse Chemotherapy. A short 100 microsecond pulse with a field-strength of about 1000 V/cm is applied between a pair of electrodes inserted in the tissue to be treated. After the initial pulse, the conductivity in the tissue close to the needle electrodes increase extensively.
The aim is to investigate this effect of the initial pulse on the distribution of potential, electric field, current density and absorbed power density of the following pulses. The present investigation has been possible to perform by using the evaluation grant of QuickField Professional program kindly submitted by the QuickField Support Team.
According to the result of the present QF simulation, the average pulse strength in the centre between the electrodes will increase above the recommended 1000 V/cm after the initial pulse, causing a high degree of non-reversible electroporation in the target volume by following pulses of the same amplitude.
Translated title of the contributionQF Modellering av Elektro-Puls-Therapy
Original languageEnglish
Article number2019-001
Pages (from-to)1-17
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JournalActa Scientiarum Lundensia
Issue number001
Early online date2019 Aug 6
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Aug 6

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The authors wish to thank the QuickField support team for the temporary license of the program, Version 6.3.2 (Tera Analysis Ltd. http://quickfield.com), without which this work could not have been performed.

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