Research Libraries and Research Data Management within the Humanities and Social Sciences

Johan Åhlfeldt, Maria Johnsson

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Research Data Management (RDM) is a process that is designed to deliver high quality datasets, which comply with scholarly, legal and ethical requirements. There are two outputs of the RDM process:

1. Long term preservation of datasets through archiving
2. Sharing and reuse of datasets for further research and other purposes in society at large.

This proposal outlines the creation of a coherent Research Data Management organization at Lund University that utilizes existing resources both within and outside the university and establishes new organizational units and information systems, specific to this new task.
We propose the establishment of a new unit for Research Data Management and Coordination at the University Library whose responsibility would be to coordinate the network of existing agents who support research activities such as faculty libraries and ethical, legal, archival and data management experts.
We further propose the creation of a new information system, the Lund University Dataset Directory, which will facilitate management of datasets and information retrieval throughout the data lifecycle. We expect that research datasets could be deposited for sharing at national or disciplinary repositories and eventually archived when a solution is in place at the University Archive. Advanced RDM - like semantic web technologies - will require online data services not currently provided by national agents. We therefor propose a Data Laboratory within the RDM network at Lund University.
Finally, it's important to recognize that Research Data Management is a new way of organizing information with its own set of tasks for the library organization. Our efforts in RDM will require us to invest significant effort in learning new systems, ways of working and collaboration.
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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