Samexistens, konflikt och dialog mellan islam och kristendom: i det moderna Egypten

Sameh Egyptson

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Dialogue between Islam and Christianity is of great importance today. Some people consider Islam as the enemy of the World. At the same time the Muslim fundamentalist groups consider themselves as the only true Islam struggling against injustice and the western capitalist world order. The encounter between Islam and Christianity in Egypt is of great importance because these religions have coexisted there for centuries. Today Egypt has a key role as to religious and cultural matters in the Arab world as well as in the Sunni Muslim world concerning fundamentalist and various secular conceptions.
This work deals with this encounter in contemporary Egyptian history. It is about the attitudes that result from the discourse on the encounter of the religions in different periods of contemporary Egypt. Which circumstances have influenced the encounter of religions in contemporary Egyptian society? How have the best known theologians and theological schools been influenced by these circumstances concerning the relation between Islam and Christianity on one hand and the Egyptian state on the other? Which are the methods used in the dialogue? Who is pursuing this dialogue? Which are the possibilities of further development?
In my work I will analyse some Christian and Muslim theologians and ideologians who have exerted great influence on Arab thinking. As to Christians I will consider among others Ghrighourious, Shinouda III, Matta al-Miskin, Coptic exile authors and Gourge Bibawi. As to Muslims I will consider among others a course book at the al-Azhar University, al-Zahabi, Shaltut, al-Banna. Qutb, al-Qaradawi, al-Huqaibi and Khalid Muhammad Khalid.
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  • Centre for Theology and Religious Studies
Award date1998 Sept 7
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Sept 7

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  • Religious Studies

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