Selected research studies from Scandinavia : dedicated to professor Göran Fagerlund on his 60th anniversary November 11, 1997

Kyösti Tuutti (Editor)

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The book contains selected articles from research in different areas produced by scientists in Scandinavia. However, many of the articles are based upon professor Göran Fagerlund's original ideas.
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1.Cementitious injection grouts - penetration ability (Alemo, J. & Hansson, P.).<br>
2.A disadvantage of high performance concrete and a simple way to avoid it (Alexanderson, J).<br>
3. Early age thermal crack control - industrial benefits of new technology? (Bernander, S. & Emborg, M). <br>
4. On transmission of restraint via construction joints in concrete structures (Bernander, S).<br>
5.Industrialised site-cast concrete (Byfors, J).<br>
6. Material and structural testing and modelling of concrete (Elfgren, J).<br>
7.Corrosion processes in high performance concrete - A new perception is required (Fidjestöl, P).<br>
8. Concrete workability: A more basic approach needed (Gjörv, O E).<br>
9. Prevention of rebar-corrosion (Halvorsen, U A). <br>
10. Approximate elastic moment calculation (Hillberborg, A).<br>
11. Theoretical calculation of expulsion tests (Jonasson, J E). <br>
12. Aspects on the control of frost resistance of concrete (Kukko, H).<br>
13. The development of the use of silica fume in concrete in Norway (Maage, M).<br>
14. Porous materials - structures and properties (Nielsen A). <br>
15. A history lesson on the development of and request for knowledge - prediction models for chloride ingress into concrete structures as an example (Nilsson, L-O). <br>
16. Reflections on scaling resistance testing of concrete (Petersson, P-E).<br>
17. Penetrability of cement based grouts (Sandberg, P).<br>
18. Service life prediction of reinforced concrete structures in saline environment (Sandberg, P).<br>
19. A vision on sustainable materials and structural engineering (Sarja, A). <br>
20. Effect of curing temperature and silica fume on the pore structure of hardened cement paste (Sellevold, E J & Hauck, C J)<br>
21. Material technology - a key to improved productivity (Skarendahl, Å).<br>
22. Control of cracking in concrete structures due to imposed strain (Thelandersson, S). <br>
23.Assessment of service life for concrete structures (Tuutti, K).
Original languageEnglish
PublisherDivision of Building Materials, LTH, Lund University
Publication statusPublished - 1997

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Conference Name: Selected research studies from Scandinavia
Conference Location: Lund Sweden
Conference Date: 1997-11-11

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