Sound, Safety & Society - Research on Sound & Sustainability

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Sustainability, resilience and safety are features of a society that are more affected by sound environments than is generally acknowledged, even if other environmental threats may appear more prominent. But when noise levels reach the limits of sustainability in society, it´s resilience to destructive processes of many kinds will be challenged.
In an interdisciplinary symposium in 2014 arranged by The Sound Environment Center in collaboration with the Centre of Societal Resilience at Lund university, a number of researchers came together to discuss aspects of safety, security and sustainability in society with regard to the sound environment.
The presented research and following discussions stressed the importance of beneficial sound environments not only for the health and well-being of citizens, but also for security systems to work efficiently.
Tor Kihlman, Environmental Noise Policy - a complex problem with a slow progress,
Per Becker, Safety and sustainability in changing soundscapes, Daniel Nilsson, Design of fire alarms - Selecting appropriate sounds and messages to promote fast evacuation, Theo Bodin, Annoyance, Sleep and Concentration Problems due to Combined Traffic Noise and The Benefit of a Quiet Side, Greg Watts, Towards designing tranquil and sustainable environments in the city. (60p)
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PublisherSound Environment Center at Lund university
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Publication statusPublished - 2015

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Conference Name: Sound, Safety & Society
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Conference Date: 2014-04-28

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