Transition to a Low Carbon Energy System and Energy Security -Synergies and Conflicts

Bengt Johansson, Daniel K Jonsson, André Månsson, Lars J Nilsson, Måns Nilsson

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Emissions of greenhouse gases must be significantly reduced in order to limit the risk of severe climatic change. Such reductions will require a long-term transition of the energy system to one in which energy efficiency improvements, electrification, renewable energy, carbon capture and storage and nuclear energy can play important roles. Energy security will be affected by such a transition. This paper summarises the main findings from a research project that investigated the synergies and conflicts between a low carbon energy transition and energy security. Energy security can be interpreted in several different ways. Our approach involves studying energy both as an object exposed to security threats, using concepts such as security of supply or security of demand, and the energy system as the subject generating or enhancing insecurity and conflict.

Our results indicate that a low carbon energy system can have at least as high level of energy security as the current system, but there will be some new challenges. One is the potential strains and conflicts that can emerge
around bioenergy and land use issues. Another is the large scale expansion of variable electricity production, which will require significant investments in new infrastructure. An overlook of institutions and regulations will probably be required to meet the new challenges. The transition period requires special attention; however, since
while economic resources and competencies need to be redirected to new, expanding, energy systems, there is a risk that contracting technologies may receive insufficient allocation of resources for maintaining a high level of
energy security.
Original languageEnglish
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PublisherBritish Institute of Energy Economics (BIEE)
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2014
EventBalancing Competing Energy Policy Goals - St John’s College, Oxford
Duration: 2014 Sep 18 → …


ConferenceBalancing Competing Energy Policy Goals
Period2014/09/18 → …

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  • Energy Systems


  • energy policy
  • climate change
  • energy security


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