Using design-of-experiments techniques for an efficient finite element study of the influence of changed parameters in design

Martin Eriksson, Pär-Ola Andersson, Åke Burman

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All designs are marred by uncertainties and tolerances in dimen-
sions, load levels etc. Traditionally, one has often over-dimensioned
to take these uncertainties into account. The demand for optimized designs with high quality and reliability increases, which means that more sophisticated methods have been developed, see e.g. Lochner
and Matar (1990). By describing the fluctuations in design parame-
ters in terms of distributions with expectation and variance, the design can be examined with statistical methods, which results in a more op-timized design. This treatment of the design often demands several experiments, and to plan these experiments Design Of Experiments (DOE) techniques, see e.g. Montgomery (1991), are often used. By using DOE methods the design variables are systematically altered, which minimizes the number of experiments needed. The output of
the experiments is the results of a specified response function, giving
an indication of the influence of design variable fluctuations. A FEM system is a suitable tool when performing repeated, similar analyses. Examples exist where the DOE process has been performed external-
ly and then transferred to the FEM system in the form of parameter
sets defining the analysis cases that are to be solved, see e.g. Summers et al. (1996) and Billings (1996).
This paper describes a statistical DOE module based on Taguchi’s method that works within ANSYS. The module plans the FEM anal-ysis and calculates the standard statistical moments of the FEM result. This module serves as a powerful tool for the engineering designer
or analysts when examining the influence of variance and mean value of different design variables. It also serves as an exploration of where
to concentrate an optimization process.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational ANSYS Conference
PublisherANSYS Inc
Publication statusPublished - 1998
EventInternational ANSYS Conference - Pittsburgh, United States
Duration: 1998 Aug 17 → …

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ConferenceInternational ANSYS Conference
Country/TerritoryUnited States
Period1998/08/17 → …

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  • Production Engineering, Human Work Science and Ergonomics


  • modified taguchi method
  • Design of experiment
  • Taguchi
  • Finite element


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