Walking together with music. Teachers' voices on the joys and challenges of Higher Music Education

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Music, Life and the Joy of Playing: Music Teachers on Teaching, Artistic Development and the Challenges of Music Studies is based on interviews with twelve musicians/teachers at the Malmö Academy of Music, conducted by Karin Johansson. The twelve interviewees offer a picture of life-long learning during which the joy and desire to make music is the chief driving force.
A teacher at an academy of music is constantly presented with new challenges, both on a personal level and as a representative of a musical heritage and of an institution. How should a musician and teacher interact with young music students in order to foster independent musicians and teachers destined to represent both a musical tradition and innovation?
Part of the immense, often tacit, body of knowledge involved is explained in this book. Many of the interviewed teachers describe musical learning as a journey where teacher and student travel together. The road is sometimes easy, sometimes hard, you achieve things together and then you part company. The joy of making music grows stronger when it is shared and transferred along the way. This book is about travelling the road to life-long learning.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherMalmö Academy of Music, Lund University
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ISBN (Print)978-91-981344-1-4
Publication statusPublished - 2013

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