Johan Brännmark

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Title Johan Brännmark
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  • Malmö University
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Description Johan Brännmark (Malmö University) gave a talk at the Higher Seminar in Practical Philosophy titled "Means Paternalism and the Problem of Indeterminateness"
Many contemporary defenders of paternalist interventions favor a version of paternalism focused on how people often choose the wrong means given their own ends. This observation is typically justified by recent empirical results in psychology and behavioral economics. To the extent that paternalist interventions can then target the promotion of goals that can be said to be our own, such interventions arguably constitute less serious infringements into our lives and are prima facie less problematic. In this paper it is argued that for this argument to work, would-be paternalist need to assume that it is meaningful to ascribe to us preferences that we would have if were fully rational, informed and in control over our actions, but that the very body of empirical results that contemporary defenders of paternalism use to justify their positions also undermines this idea as a meaningful notion.

2019 Jan 31

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2019 Jan 31

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NameJohan Brännmark
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