Library Activism

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Title Library Activism
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Description Nanna Kann-Rasmussen, lektor og sektionsleder for Sektionen for Arkiver, Biblioteker og Museer, Institut for Kommunikation, Københavns Universitet

Library activism
Recently, the concept of library activism has emerged alongside, but far less explored than Museum and Archival activism. Existing research on library activism either criticizes librarians for compromising traditional values of information freedom and neutrality by being reluctant to choose, display or lend out certain material or endorses librarians for trying to demonstrate that libraries are in fact not neutral places, because of existing structures that favour whiteness or heterosexuality. In my project, I wish to adopt an explorative approach, to describe contemporary Swedish and Danish library activism, and to study different types of justifications for libraries’ engagement in societal issues.

2021 Mar 9

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2021 Mar 9

Library Activism: Swedish and Danish Perspectives on librarians' engagement in collective action

Duration2021 Mar 92021 Mar 9
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