Meaning-making made aloud: From a printed version to an audio version of a multimodal popular science journal

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Title Meaning-making made aloud: From a printed version to an audio version of a multimodal popular science journal
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Description The paper focuses on meaning-making processes in audio description of a Swedish multimodal popular scientific journal Forskning och Framsteg (Research and Progress). The contents of the journal are made accessible via an interpreter by producing an audio version for blind and visually impaired audiences. First, the printed journal is analysed in accordance with Unsworth (1997), focusing on how the resources of text, images and graphics are deployed in scientific explanation and how the meaning is constructed by the visuals. Second, the interpretative process of meaning-making is uncovered by think aloud protocols. In order to produce an aural version of the complex text, the interpreter must assess what to describe, how to describe it, and when to describe it (Holsanova 2015). He combines the contents of the available resources, makes judgements about relevant information, ways of verbalizing it, fills in the gaps missing in the interplay of the resources and re-arranges the order of information for optimal flow and understanding. In this way, he contributes to multimodal literacy (Walsh 2010, Kress & Jewitt 2003). The aural version of the journal is finally compared to the printed version to show how the semiotic interplay has been realized for the end users. In my analysis, I apply the framework of socio-semiotic theories (Kress & Van Leeuwen 1996/2006, O’Halloran et al., 2012, Jewitt 2014), in particular on visual construction of specialized knowledge (Unsworth 1997, Unsworth & Cleirigh 2014), in combination with cognitive theories on reception of multimodality (Holsanova 2008, Holsanova 2014a,b).

2018 Jul 6

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2018 Jul 6

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