Collection of Coins and Medals at the Historical Museum


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UKÄ subject classification

  • History and Archaeology

Type of infrastructure

  • Physical collections


The collection holds around 50 000 coins and medals, and is the second largest coin collection in Sweden. The collection holds an international systematic collection as well of a provenience based collection of coins finds from Scania. The collection comprise numerous archaeological finds, donated coins and coins bought by the museum in the 18-19th century.

Digital and physical collections

Information on the around 50 000 coins and medals are available on an internal database MuseumPlus. The collection is located in the Historical Museum at Kraftstorg 1.

Services provided

The collection is available for international and national research. Information on for example specific coin groups/types or coin finds from specific locations are facilitated by the keeper Gitte Ingvardson by request. By request the collection is open for visits by researcher.

Management of the infrastructure

The collection is part of the archaeological collections at Historical Museum at Lund University.

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

The collection is open to research. All available information on the around 50 000 object are provided by request. The collection facilitates research visits on requests. Please also note the museum policy: