Correlative Imaging and Processing Analysis


Research areas and keywords

Type of infrastructure

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  • image analysis, image processing, tomography, 2D, 3D, microscopy, confocal, spectroscopy, MAX IV, ESS, LBIC, MBio, MuliPark, imaging, visualisation, coordination, MicLU, synchrotron radiation, expertise


CIPA provides researchers access to expertise and user-friendly tools within the field of image analysis. CIPA can help with improving analysis workflow and methods, provide software support and guidance. CIPA has a close collaboration with the Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC) and the Lund university centre for scientific and technical computing (LUNARC). Here users can apply to use large-scale computing resources for analysis and simulations. CIPA has staff to aid and assist users in accessing the SNIC and LUNARC resources and guide in every step of the way from application to finished analysis/simulation.

Equipment and resources

Open source/free programs such as ImageJ/Fiji, Scipion, Relion and CellProfiler

Commercial programs such as MATLAB and through collaborations
Arivis Vision 4D and Imaris Neurosicence.

Contact Jonas Ahlstedt directly for information on the programs as well as when required for booking.

Services provided

Within the field of image analysis CIPA can help with:
• Improving methods and workflow
• Provide access and support to advanced analysis software
General support and project feedback

Management of the infrastructure

CIPA is hosted by Microscopy Community Lund University (MicLU) and formally under the board of MicLU.

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal only

Terms of access:

The services CIPA are offering are available to everyone at LU.