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Epihealth cohort study


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  • Medical and Health Sciences

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  • Digital collections

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  • National

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Part of the planned Cohorts.se infrastructure.


The on-going study Epihealth comprises about 24 000 men and women 45 to 75 yrs, randomly invited from Malmö and Uppsala and examined at one occassion. The study started 2010 and recruitment is ongoing in Malmö.
Investigation covers a questionnaire on lifestyle, previous diseases, medication, QoL, mood, ADL, sociodemographics, occupation, asthma and allerg and womens health. Assessment include spirometry, body composition, blood pressure, thumb ECG, trail-making test and biobanking. Retrieval of registry data include inhospital care, outpatient care, mortality registry, prescription, sick-leave, Socialsetyrelsens quality control registries.

Digital and physical collections

Data are saved in an Oracle database and data can be exported in e.g. SPSS, SAS or other format.
Format include information on data variable, data labelling.

Services provided

KI Biobank will help with details regarding transfer of data and/or biosamples. However, the applicant will be charged for the work hours needed to deliver data and/or biosamples directly from KI Biobank.

Management of the infrastructure

Principal investigator: Sölve Elmståhl (Malmö) and Lars Lind (Uppsala).

Management of database and infrastructure and data application:
EpiHealth Data access Committee

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

To use data from the Epihealth population study and information on application form,
Write a research proposal and mail to eva.jacobsson@ucr.uu.se. This form should be accompanied by two Excel files specifying the requested data. The forms are retrieved from https://www.epihealth.se/For-scientists/Research-Application-/ One for the measurements performed at the test center and one regarding the questionnaire.
If approved by the EpiHealth Data access Committee, then apply for ethical approval in your regional EPN
After the advertisement on the particular study has been on our website for one month, the research proposal and the EPN approval, should be sent by you to the data administrators at KI Biobank via biobank-support@ki.se together with the two Excel files specifying the requested data.