Good Aging in Skåne database


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  • Geriatrics

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  • Digital collections

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Part of the NEAR infrastructure and the infrastructure.
NEAR stands for the National E-infrastructure for Aging Research integrating the 15 major longitudinal, population-based projects on aging, whose datasets are currently located in 6 Swedish universities. The scientific aim is to empower aging research in Sweden and contribute to the identification of sustainable intervention strategies for a better health and care of older people


The on-going study GÅS-SNAC comprises about 4 500 men and women 60 to 100 yrs, randomly invited from five municipalities in Skåne. Participants <78 / >78 yrs are re-investigated every sixth / third year at the research centre or at home visits (participation rate 79-86%) with the same protocol. Investigation covers a medical examination, questionnaire on lifestyle, symptoms, medication, QoL, personality, mood, ADL, sociodemographics, occupation, caregiver burden, formal and informal care. A physical examination of functioning, 11 cognitive tests, ECG, spirometry, AAI, OH, anthropometrics, body composition and biobanking are included. A subset have MRI brain, doppler cerebri media during tilting, doppler carotids, aorta pulse wave velocity, peripress. Retrieval of registry data include inhospital care, outpatient care, mortality registry

Equipment and resources

Data are saved in an Oracle database and data can be exported in e.g. SPSS, SAS or other format.
Format include information on data variable, data labelling.

Management of the infrastructure

Principal investigator: Sölve Elmståhl.
Management of database: responsible Ole Larsen
Management of data analyses: responsible Mats Pihlsgård

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Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

To use data from the GÅS population study and information on application form, please contact Data manager Ole Larsen.
An application form for data from the GÅS population study database with description of purpose and aims and requested data of the application and general conditions for the applicants are sent to the PI of the GÅS study.