High-speed optical diagnostics


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Div. of Combustion Physics is part of the Lund Laser Centre (LLC), which is a European Major Research Infrastructure and a part of LASERLAB-Europe. Div. of Comb. Physics is also part of the national Centre CECOST.


Focus on imaging and spectroscopy at high framerates, both for fundamental research and for studies in applied apparatus such as gas turbines and engines. The facility includes some highly unique equipment.

Equipment and resources

Nd:YAG laser cluster (Thales) capable of up to eight high power (500-1000 mJ/pulse @532 nm) pulses in rapid sequence. *Two framing cameras capable of frame rates up to 100 MHz for sequences consisting of 8 frames. *Burst laser system: Burst duration 10 ms (100-5000 pulses), Rep. Rate 10-500 kHz, pulse energy up to 1200 mJ @ 532 nm, Fully tunable (UV-IR) trough application of OPO *Two high-speed image intensifiers with UV sensitive photo cathodes. *Three high-speed CMOS cameras with up to 20 kfps at 1M pixel resolution and 1 Mfps at reduced resolution. Adapter modules for spectrally resolved detection are available.

Services provided

Laser systems which are possible to use for high speed measurements, up to 100 kHz, physical access and virtual access.

All data is generated, stored and transferred locally.

Management of the infrastructure

The infrastructure is managed by Mattias Richter.

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

Access can, for example, be arranged trough the incentive program of the national competence center CECOST. This is applicable for both industry and academia.