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Industrial membrane process research and development centre


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  • Equipment


  • Membrane, Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Reverse osmosis, Membrane bioreacotr


Energy and water consumption are the key challenges of our society to become sustainable. Membrane processes have been identified as high selective, energy-saving processes and as such they have been anticipated as key technology for industrial separations in various industries and water treatment. A wide variety of membrane equipment, from bench-scale to pilot-scale, belongs to the centre together with membrane units and modules from a great number of membrane manufacturers. The focus of the centre is the development of new membrane applications in biorefineries, water and wastewater treatment, biotechnology and food as well as the optimization of existing applications on bench-scale and pilot scale. More than 40 years’ experience with membranes and membrane processes from the Swedish Foundation for Membrane Technology via the Centre for Membrane Technology at LTH, to the Membrane R&D Centre of today.

Equipment and resources

Membrane equipment able to handle feed solution volumes in the range of milliliters to cubic meters. The equipment can handle all kinds of membranes (polymeric as well as ceramic). All conventional module configurations (tubular, flat-sheet, spiral-wound, and hollow fibre) plus shear-enhanced modules (rotating and vibrating) are available. Additionally, key pre-treatment equipment such as drum-filters, screens, centrifuges and filter presses are available.

Digital and physical collections

Department of Chemical Engineering

Services provided

The centre can support the development, optimization and debottlenecking of industrial membrane processes from bench to pilot scale including tests related to industrial fouling and cleaning challenges.

All data are generated, stored and transferred locally.

Management of the infrastructure

Frank Lipnizki, Head of the Membrane R&D centre. Ann-Sofi Jönsson, Deputy head.

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

The equipment is primarily for researchers in the Membrane Group at Chemical Engineering but if available it can be also used by others. Students and employees at LU can use the equipment after an introduction to the operation together with an experienced user. Short experiments are free of charge (< 1 day), while a small internal fee is charged for longer experiments. Membranes and detergents are to be paid by the user and the user is further responsible for the handling of the feed and the resulting waste. External users pay full cost coverage for assignments.