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Sofia Essén


The facility comprises a range of instruments covering the chromatographic separation techniques liquid, gas and supercritical fluids in combination with mass spectrometric detection (high and low resolution MS) suitable for analysis of low molecular mass compounds. Some complementary detectors are also available. The facility is used both for the department’s internal needs and external service.

The KILU-CAS-MS facility has a very close connection to the researchers in analytical chemistry and organic chemistry, but assists with mass spectrometric analytical service in various areas of low molecular mass organic compounds.

Equipment and resources

UHPLC/DAD/QTOF-MS (Waters Acquity UPLC, Waters XEVO G2 QTOF-MS): Fast high-efficiency liquid chromatography in combination with high resolution MS. Good for identification by MS and MS/MS as well as quantification. The chromatographic system can easily be replaced by supercritical fluid chromatography (already available). Current standard applications; accurate mass determination, purity by LC/MS, determination of isotopic labelling, For specific applications contact the research engineer.

nanoLC/IT-Orbitrap-MS or HPLC/DAD/IT-Orbitrap-MS (LTQ Velos Pro Orbitrap, Thermo Scientific): High-resolution mass spectrometer, used for biomolecules as well as low molecular mass organic compounds. The instrument is suitable for structure evaluations by MSn, accurate mass, quantification, and is routinely used for characterization of biomolecules. HPLC or nanoLC systems are available for separation. This instrument is jointly shared between CAS, CMPS and CALS.

SFC/DAD/QqQ-MS which can also be used as UHPLC/QqQ-MS: Fast high-efficiency supercritical fluid chromatography in combination selective mass spectrometric detection (MS and MS/MS). Suitable for quantification at low concentrations.

GC/MS (Agilent 7890 GC, Jeol GCMateII magnetic sector MS): High resolution GC/MS. Can also be used for FAB-MS.

In addition to the above, GC/MS, LC/MS and additional LC-detectors (e.g. fluorescence, charged aerosol, electrochemical, refractive index) are available at the unit.

Services provided

Standard types of analysis:
• Confirmation of identity by accurate mass
• Purity (UHPLC-UV)
• Determination of isotopic labelling
Special requests:
• High resolution MS and MS/MS of unknowns
• Quantitative and qualitative chromatographic-mass spectrometric methods, method development and sample analysis

In addition to the instruments mentioned (eqipment and resources), workstations with relevant software for data processing are available.

Management of the infrastructure

The organization is run by the Centre for Analysis and Synthesis.

One research engineer is employed to carry out analysis and data interpretation, introduce new users, managing the facility as well as responsible for instrument service.

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal only

Terms of access:

For access to the instruments, contact Sofia Essén,

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