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LUDC-Sequencing Facility


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The facility is closely connected to the Human Tissue Lab (HTL), a national resource funded by SFO Exodiab. The facility is not yet connected to the SCIBLU (Swegene Center for Integrative Biology at Lund University) facility but it is our ambition and intention to establish appropriate channels for practical and scientific synergies.


The LUDC sequencing facility is an open resource to investigators within and outside LUDC. The LUDC sequencing facility was established as a joint investment of 16 PIs during the fall of 2016. These 16 PIs (listed below) are defined as “internal” users of the facility. All other investigators are defined as “external users”. The following 16 PIs/project leaders have agreed to share the costs of this investment and associated service costs in equal parts (except Jens Lagerstedt and Lena Eliasson who have committed to contribute to smaller fractions as indicated below): Valeriya Lyssenko Leif Groop Olle Melander Johan Jakobsson (Stem Therapy) Paul Franks Annelie Carlsson Erik Renström (Human Tissue Lab) Erik Renström (Exodiab) Marju Orho-Melander Erik Renström (T2D systems) Charlotte Ling Nils Wierup Jan Nilsson Maria Gomez Jens Lagerstedt (1/2 slot) Lena Eliasson (1/4 slot) The LUDC platform was awarded 700,000 SEK from Lund University (”medel för gemensamma projekt och infrastruktur till strategiska forskningsområden”; PIs M. Orho-Melander & E. Renström). A 5-year write-off plan (“avskrivning”) was set up at the time of purchase to cover the costs of the initial investment, starting 1 Nov 2016.

Equipment and resources

The facility includes an Illumina NextSeq500 system (purchased October 2016).

As a co-funding PI or “internal” user, charges for running costs are 50% lower than those charged to “external” users. Running costs include the actual time our lab tech personnel is engaged in the project (i.e. initial consultation, sample quality control routines, actual running of the equipment). As an example, running 1 flow cell (which could range from including 1-96 samples depending on the depth of the analysis) takes 3 working days. The initial established rate to be charged is 3000 SEK per day (internal) and 6000 kr /day (external). It is the facility’s ambition to maintain costs at the lowest possible level at all times, but per day costs may need to be adjusted based on total usage of the facility and distribution between internal/external projects. The facility offers additional services related to the project (i.e. sample preparation) also at internal and external rates. A web-based queue management system and information page about the offered services will be launched soon.

Maria Sterner, Malin Neptin and Malin Svensson work 25% of full time-each at the facility and are the only personnel authorized to operate the equipment.

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