Lund OsteoArthritis Division


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LOAD is a multi-disciplinary team of internationally highly merited professionals with a network of strong international collaborators. The LOAD members cover expertise in clinical orthopedics, epidemiology, extracellular matrix biology and proteomics, physical therapy, biomechanical engineering and OA imaging. Availability of non-invasive and highly sensitive cartilage analysis methods as well as of clinical expertise and patient cohorts, in addition to the above mentioned expertise, provides LOAD with unique opportunities to answer questions at the molecular as well as at the clinical level in the field of osteoarthritis. The overall goal of the network is to develop better ways to diagnose, prevent and treat osteoarthritis and thus provide better quality of life for patients living with the disease.

Equipment and resources

Within the LOAD network, 7T MRI (via the National 7T facility in Lund) and molecular analysis and diagnostics including mass spectrometry are available.

Digital and physical collections

Samples are stored in the biobank of Region Skåne.

Services provided

Expertise and scientific collaborations within the field of osteoarthritis.

Management of the infrastructure

The PIs in the LOAD network meet on a monthly basis, where current topics and events (such as internal and external collaborations, funding opportunities and research strategies) are discussed. Members also convene at a yearly conference.

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

Access to LOAD is mediated through the monthly and yearly meetings. Collaborations are also initiated at these meetings.