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Millennia lab occupies one room and contains laser apparatus for ultrafast spectroscopy with probing regions reaching from microwaves (THz), over IR-VIS-UV, to X-ray energies for probing different light-induced processes in materials relevant to solar energy conversion. This is done with ultrafast time resolution (fs), spanning time ranges from femtoseconds to nanoseconds (and up to hundreds of microsecond).

Equipment and resources

The experimental setup is based on amplified femtosecond laser system Spitfire XP Pro from Spectra Physics. The seed laser, MaiTai is delivering broadband, short seed laser pulses (FWHM 60 nm, 40 fs) into the amplifier, where they are amplified in two stage amplifier (regenerative and multipass amplifiers). Each of the amplifiers is optically pumped by a pumping laser EmPower (mode-locked 16.5 W, 532 nm). After pulse re-compression, the output of the system is 6 W beam, 45 fs pulses @ 1 KHz (6 mJ per pulse). This beam is further split onto 3 optical tables to be used in desired experiment. The THz radiation is generated in Zn-telluride crystal, the IR-VIS-UV excitation and probe pulses are generated using two OPAs Topas C (Light Conversion). The x-ray is generated in a water jet and detected with state-of-the-art single x-ray photon detector co-developed in-house.

Services provided

Connection to nitrogen and vacuum lines. Internet. In-house cooling water supply.

Management of the infrastructure

Lab responsible: Dr. Pavel Chabera

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Not available for loan

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Millennia lab can be used by other researchers only via collaboration.