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Molecular Recognition in Life


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  • Life Science, Infrastructure, Competence development, MAX IV, ESS, SciLifeLab, Protein Production, Microscopy, Mass spectrometry, Bioinformatics, Sequencing, Genomics, Proteomics, Imaging, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, In vivo models, In vitro models, Cellular assays, Translational medicine


MoReLife promotes development of competences and infrastructures of relevance for Life Science. Among a number of things, MoReLife participates in and arranges symposia, discussion meetings and retreats to increase dialogue and contribute to establishment and development of key infrastructures. MoReLife helps researchers to bring ideas of importance about infrastructure forward e.g. to other researchers, to the university- and faculty boards, or to funding agencies at different levels. MoReLife can also function as a guide in the infrastructure jungle, to disseminate information about events, aid in the process of putting together applications of interest for the community and work strategically for development of the resources needed by the Life Science community.

Equipment and resources

MoReLife has coordinator positions at the faculties of Science and Medicine, a web page for dissemination of information to both internal and external viewers and an email list with 200+ members for distribution of information among and between members. Strategic funding from MoReLife can be used for e.g., participation in infrastructure events at national level or similar.

Digital and physical collections

Homepage with calendar/events section.

Services provided

Guidance in the Life Science infrastructure ecosystem at LU. Contact points for discussion about needs for competence development and infrastructure at LU. Surveys and written material on infrastructure resources and needs at LU. Coordination and help with applications regarding Life Science infrastructure at LU. Arrangement of workshops, seminars and similar on Life Science topics with focus on infrastructures and competence development. Facilitator of interactions between the Life Science community with MAX IV, ESS and other large scale facilities.

Management of the infrastructure

A steering group with representatives from the faculties of engineering, science and medicine. Coordinators from the faculties of science and medicine.

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Available for loan - internal and external

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Contact MoReLife by phone or email, or meet us at seminars and workshops.