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Placement partially at ICOS/ACTRIS sites (PTR-Q-MS: Norunda; PTR-TOF-MS: Hyltemossa), but also at SITES (Skogaryd) in form of projects. Provides link between ICOS ecosystem and atmospheric measurements and ACTRIS aerosol measurements.


This facility includes 2 instruments for the measurement of specific trace gases (volatile organic compounds; VOC) using a soft ionization technique (Proton Transfer Reaction Mass Spectroscopy) at high temporal resolution (up to 10 Hz) and low detection limit (low ppt level). One instrument (PTR-Q-MS; 2004) uses a Quadrupol which limits time/mass resolution, the other (PTR-TOF-MS, time-of-flight technique; 2012) provides full mass spectra (up to ca m/z 600; mass resolution ca 4000) at max 10Hz. These are the only instruments of this kind in Sweden.
The instruments are mostly deployed at field sites (e.g. SITES, ACTRIC/ICOS) for long-term measurements during the growing season, but can also be used in a lab.

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The facility includes two instruments: a high sensitivity PTR-MS (Ionicon, 2004) using a quadrupole and a PTR-TOF-MS (PTR-TOF 8000, Ionicon; 2012) using time-of-flight techniques for compound separation resulting in better temporal and mass scanning resolution. A gas calibration system (GCU-b, Ionicon, 2007) is available for both instruments.

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This is not a service lab but instruments are used for long-term measurements at field sites, but we could provide low ppt-measurements of VOC at high time resolution. Contact PI.

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