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At the Div. of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM), there is a mass spectrometry facility with strong expertise in high throughput analysis of multiple small molecules/metabolites and elements, (targeted exposomics). The laboratory performs state-of-the-art analyses of human exposure to toxicants in order to evaluate their impact on the human body but also metabolism and toxicokinetics. For this purpose, we develop sensitive analytical methods using different types of mass spectrometers to determine exposure biomarkers with a particularly focus on biobanked samples. We also develop different biomarkers of early biological responses such as oxidative stress and inflammation.

Equipment and resources

The TELU laboratory is equipped with several mass spectrometers. e.g. several triple Quadrupole Linear Ion Traps; one Q-TRAP 6500+, two Q-TRAP 5500 and one QTRAP4500 (liquid chromatography - tandem MS instruments, several equipped with the possibility of 2D LC-MS/MS; AB Sciex). In addition, we have a LC - quadrupole Time-of-flight (Q-TOF (5600+; AB Sciex) instrument. We also have two gas chromatography instruments with both single (GC-MS; Agilent) and tandem MS (GC-MS/MS; Shimadzu) . For inorganic analysis (multielement analysis) we have an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer available (ICP-MS; Thermo X7, Thermo Elemental).

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The TELU laboratory performs mainly quantitative analyses of exposures of organic or inorganic compounds to humans from the general environment, as well as occupational settings, and to evaluate their impact on the human body and risk of disease. We both perform studies on multiple and single compounds, typical studies are epidemiological in design, but we also do analysis for experimental studies (in vivo and in vitro), studies on metabolism and toxicokinetics. We continuously develop methods for early biological responses e.g. oxidative stress and inflammation.

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Project proposals and costs are discussed in collaboration with one of our chemists.