ES/iPS & CRISPR Core Facility -

The Human Embryonic Stem Cell / Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell and CRISPR Gene Editing Core Facility


Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Cell and Molecular Biology


The human pluripotent stem cell / CRISPR Core facility is dedicated to promoting research involving embryonic stem (ES) cells and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells and CRISPR based gene editing technologies within the state recognized Strategic Research Area (SFO) STEM THERAPY, with close collaboration from the SFOs EXODIAB and MULTIPARK. The ES/iPS platform is a state-of-the-art, modular designed, and fully equipped tissue culture facility with separate cell introduction room, clean room, and access to vector transduction room, all within a shared entrance vestibule. The facility provides access to in-house quality tested culturing medias reagents and protocols. We also provide full-service generation of novel patient derived induced pluripotent stem cell lines. We offer training in advance pluripotent cell culture techniques to new users. As part of the core we also offer expert consultation on latest developments in pluripotent cell research and technologies.

Equipment and resources

4 laminar flow cabinets (tissue culture hoods), 4 incubators (1 with hypoxia), 2 table top centrifuges (1 with refridgeration ability), 2 stereo microscopes, 2 inverted microscopes, 2 computers, 2 combine Fridge freezers, -80C freezer, cell counter, liquid nitrogen and -150C freezer storage

Digital and physical collections

WiCell and Harvard approved ES cell lines. Copies of the approved ethics applications of groups who have contracted the core to generate iPS lines.

Services provided

iPS generation service, access to fully equipt and stocked pluripotent stem cell culture facility, training for users on standard techniques, provide WiCell and Harvard approved huamn ES cell lines with user agreement, facilitate users to be able to acquire iPS lines from other groups, gene editing of human pluripotent stem cell lines, Karyotyping of pluripotent stem cell lines, routine mycoplasma testing.

Management of the infrastructure

Stem therapy management oversees the core facility. Group leaders Niels-Bjarne Woods, Henrik Ahlenius, and Johan Jakobsson are the directors of the facility. Qianren Jin, Emanuela Monni, Roshanak Ghazanfari.

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

Stem Therapy users prioritized. EXODiab MultiPark users are prioritised secondarily. Anyone may solicit contract services for iPS generation service. Introductory training session required for all users before permitted to work in the facility.