Time-resolved fluorescence


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  • Natural Sciences

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  • Equipment

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Part of Lund Nano-Characterization infrastructure.


TRPL infrastructure occupies one room and contains short-pulse laser and STREK-camera. The main purpose is to conduct time-resolved fluorescence (photoluminescence) measurements in a broad spectral range with sub-2 ps temporal resolution. Time-Correlated Single Photon Counting set-up is also part of the TRPL facilities.

Equipment and resources

TRPL is based on a 100 fs Ti:Sapphire laser Tsunami, Spectra-Physics, class IV laser. This laser is used as an excitation source for TRPL measurements. STREAK-camera can be used in 300-900 nm spectral range and in 2 ps to 2 ns time range. TCSPC system can use either Tsunami or 100 ps diode lasers for measurements from 100 ps to sub-ms time scale. Temperature-dependent studies down to 10 K are possible.

Services provided

Time-resolved studies in physics, chemistry and biology.
Nitrogen line, internet.

Management of the infrastructure

Lab responsible: Arkady Yartsev

Available for loan

Available for loan - internal and external

Terms of access:

Researches collaborating with the time-resolved spectroscopy group or supported via Laser lab Europe may conduct experiments on this facility.
No personal without appropriate laser safety training is allowed in the room. No personal without training in fs-spectroscopy is allowed to use the set-up without assistance of the research group members.