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Transient x-ray absorption and emission spectroscopy with sub picosecond temporal resolution. Laser generated broadband x-rays are used to probe transient states in matter. The x-rays are generated by the interaction of a high-power laser beam with a water jet, resulting in x-rays with <15 keV. The x-rays are handled in a compact setup and can be re-focused with a poly-capillary lens. The x-radiation is detected with a cryogenic microcalorimetric array that can detect 300 – 9000 eV photons. Typical measurements are pump-probe studies of light-induced charge dynamics in metalorganic compounds or nanostructures.

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Laser system and parameters: Pump – 1 kHz repetition rate, 800nm, 400nm, or OPA (TOPAS, Light Conversion) output, probe – detector limited – 2-9 keV X-rays, <1ps

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Access for external users can be obtained through applications for joint research projects, either via the Lund Laser Centre (LLC) or directly with the scientists of the Division of Chemical Physics