Ultra -

Ultrafast transient absorption


Research areas and keywords

UKÄ subject classification

  • Natural Sciences

Type of infrastructure

  • Equipment

Degree of recognition

  • International


  • time-resolved spectroscopy, reaction dynamics, charge recombination dynamics, coherent control, energy relaxation pathways

Name of national/international infrastructure this infrastructure belongs to

Paret of Division of Chemical Physics. Part of Lund Nano-Characterization infrastructure. Part of Lund Laser Center.


Ultra infrastructure occupies one room and contains short-pulse laser based spectrometer. The main purpose is to conduct high temporal resolution and highly accurate differential absorption measurements

Equipment and resources

Ultra is based on two fs laser systems: CLARK CPA 2001 and LC Pharos, both class IV lasers. These lasers are incorporated into an advanced optical set-up for differential absorption and reflection measurements. Time-resolved measurements down to 10e-6 OD with sub-10 fs and can be performed. Temperature-dependent studies down to 10 K are possible.

Services provided

Time-resolved studies of fast processes in physics, chemistry and biology.
Nitrogen line, internet.

Management of the infrastructure

Lab responsible: Arkady Yartsev

Available for loan

Not available for loan

Terms of access:

Researches collaborating with the time-resolved spectroscopy group or supported via Laser lab Europe may conduct experiments on this facility.
No personal without appropriate laser safety training is allowed in the room. No personal without training in fs-spectroscopy is allowed to use the set-up without assistance of the research group members.