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The Virtual Reality lab is an interdisciplinary meeting point for visualization and new interaction technologies. We have partnerships in the academic world, in terms of research projects and courses, and in the private and public sectors.

Virtual Reality can be described as an artificial environment that has been created digitally. By providing the user’s senses with information as realistic as possible, the user is presented with a version of reality that doesn’t really exist, but that can be experienced as very convincing. VR is an important aspect of far more than computer games and movies – two popular areas of use. Whenever something is too risky, expensive or unpractical to do in real life, Virtual Reality is the solution. From flight simulators and virtual operating rooms to city planning and therapy, the technology allows us to take virtual risks to gain real experience and knowledge. There are many types of Virtual Reality systems. Two important features that can be found in almost all of them is seeing or experiencing things both three-dimensionally, and in actual size.

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Laboratory Director: Operative responsibility for the activities, safety and work environments: Joakim Eriksson, joakim.eriksson@design.lth.se, 046-222 80 15

Communication: Jessika Sellergren, Jessika.sellergren@design.lth.se, 046-222 85 10

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