Human Molecular Genetics, 0964-6906


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  1. Selective neuroprotective effects of the S18Y polymorphic variant of UCH-L1 in the dopaminergic system

    Xilouri, M., Kyratzi, E., Pitychoutis, P. M., Papadopoulou-Daifoti, Z., Perier, C., Vila, M., Maniati, M., Ulusoy, A., Deniz Kirik, Park, D. S., Wada, K. & Stefanis, L., 2012, In : Human Molecular Genetics. 21, 4, p. 874-889

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  2. Gene-centric meta-analyses for central adiposity traits in up to 57 412 individuals of European descent confirm known loci and reveal several novel associations

    Yoneyama, S., Guo, Y., Lanktree, M. B., Barnes, M. R., Elbers, C. C., Karczewski, K. J., Padmanabhan, S., Bauer, F., Baumert, J., Beitelshees, A., Berenson, G. S., Boer, J. M. A., Burke, G., Cade, B., Chen, W., Cooper-Dehoff, R. M., Gaunt, T. R., Gieger, C., Gong, Y., Gorski, M. & 54 othersHeard-Costa, N., Johnson, T., Lamonte, M. J., Mcdonough, C., Monda, K. L., Onland-Moret, N. C., Nelson, C. P., O'Connell, J. R., Ordovas, J., Peter, I., Peters, A., Shaffer, J., Shen, H., Smith, E., Speilotes, L., Thomas, F., Thorand, B., Verschuren, W. M. M., Anand, S. S., Dominiczak, A., Davidson, K. W., Hegele, R. A., Heid, I., Hofker, M. H., Huggins, G. S., Illig, T., Johnson, J. A., Kirkland, S., Koenig, W., Langaee, T. Y., Mccaffery, J., Olle Melander, Mitchell, B. D., Munroe, P., Murray, S. S., Papanicolaou, G., Redline, S., Reilly, M., Samani, N. J., Schork, N. J., Van der Schouw, Y. T., Shimbo, D., Shuldiner, A. R., Tobin, M. D., Wijmenga, C., Yusuf, S., Hakonarson, H., Lange, L. A., Demerath, E. W., Fox, C. S., North, K. E., Reiner, A. P., Keating, B. & Taylor, K. C., 2014, In : Human Molecular Genetics. 23, 9, p. 2498-2510

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  3. TCF7L2 is a master regulator of insulin production and processing.

    Zhou, Y., Park, S-Y., Su, J., Bailey, K., Ottosson Laakso, E., Liliya Shcherbina, Nikolay Oskolkov, Enming Zhang, Thevenin, T., Fadista, J., Bennet, H., Petter Vikman, Nils Wierup, Malin Fex, Rung, J., Claes Wollheim, Nobrega, M., Erik Renström, Leif Groop & Ola Hansson, 2014, In : Human Molecular Genetics. 23, 24, p. 6419-6431

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

  4. Survival of pancreatic beta cells is partly controlled by a TCF7L2-p53-p53INP1-dependent pathway.

    Zhou, Y., Enming Zhang, Berggreen, C., Jing, X., Osmark, P., Lang, S., Corrado Cilio, Olga Göransson, Leif Groop, Erik Renström & Ola Hansson, 2012, In : Human Molecular Genetics. 21, p. 196-207

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

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