Journal of Tissue Viability, 1876-4746


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  1. Evidence-based recommendations for the use of negative pressure wound therapy in chronic wounds: Steps towards an international consensus

    S. Vig, C. Dowsett, L. Berg, C. Caravaggi, P. Rome, H. Birke-Sorensen, A. Bruhin, M. Chariker, M. Depoorter, R. Dunn, F. Duteille, F. Ferreira, J. M. Francos Martinez, G. Grudzien, D. Hudson, S. Ichioka, Richard Ingemansson, S. Jeffery, E. Krug, C. Lee & 4 others, Malin Malmsjö, N. Runkel, R. Martin & J. Smith, 2011, In: Journal of Tissue Viability. 20, p. S1-S18

    Research output: Contribution to journalReview article