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  1. Collaboration initiative

    Susanne Iwarsson, Marianne Granbom & Ingrid Hilborn

    Project: NetworkCollaboration with municipalities and county councils, Collaboration with industry, Interdisciplinary research

  2. HoT-Age: HoT-Age: Perceived Housing and Life Transitions: Good Ageing-in Place

    Steven Schmidt, Maya Kylén, Björn Slaug, Susanne Iwarsson, Frank Oswald & Anna Wanka


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, International collaboration

  3. Reloc-Age: RELOC-AGE: How do housing choices and relocation matter for active and healthy ageing?

    Susanne Iwarsson, Jonas Björk, Marianne Granbom, Giedre Gefenaite, Steven Schmidt, Magnus Zingmark, Taina Rantanen & Björn Slaug

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

  4. Preventive Home Visits to older persons

    Anna Nivestam, Maria Haak, Albert Westergren & Pia Petersson

    2018/09/03 → …

    Project: Dissertation

  5. GenerationTech – Ageing, Technology and Health from a Generational Perspective

    Charlotte Löfqvist, Susanne Iwarsson, Steven Schmidt, Sofi Fristedt & Jens Offerman

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research, Individual research project

  6. UserAge: Understanding User Participation in Research on Ageing and Health

    Susanne Iwarsson, Francesco Barbabella, Anna-Karin Edberg, Synneve Dahlin-Ivanoff, James Goodwin, Maria Haak, Elizabeth Hanson, Oskar Jonsson, Håkan Jönson, Giovanni Lamura, Qarin Lood, Lennart Magnusson, Steven Schmidt, Björn Slaug, Albert Westergren, Joakim Frögren, Christine Etzerodt Laustsen, Maya Kylén & Sara Hultqvist

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte)


    Project: Research

  7. Ageing persons with intellectual disability, health and mortality, healthcare utilization and social welfare: a Swedish national longitudinal population study

    Gerd Ahlström, Jimmie Kristensson, Magnus Sandberg, Anna Axmon, Petra Björne, Lena Nylander, Barry Karlsson, Nawi Ng, Magnus Tideman & Eva Flygare Wallen

    Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research (Forte), Stiftelsen Ragnhild och Einar Lundströms Minne


    Project: Research

  8. Activity and Participation Ten Years after Stroke

    Susanne Iwarsson, Anna Norlander, Ann-Cathrin Jönsson, Agneta Ståhl, Emma Carlstedt & Eva Månsson Lexell

    2013/02/01 → …

    Project: Research

  9. INNOVAGE - User driven housing for older people

    Susanne Iwarsson, Björn Slaug, Maria Haak, Oskar Jonsson, Steven Schmidt & Torbjörn Svensson


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration, Interdisciplinary research

  10. Knowledge-based Housing and Care for Older People as an Experimental Arena and Social Innovation

    Susanne Iwarsson, Tove Harnett, Lena Borell, Magnus Rönn, Jonas Andersson, Elisabet Londos, Bengt Jeppsson, Ann-Cathrin Jönsson & Per Olof Sandman


    Project: Research

  11. Fear of falling in persons with Parkinson's disease

    Stina Jonasson, Jan Lexell & Maria H Nilsson


    Project: DissertationIndividual research project

  12. Life-Space Mobility in Older People (LISPE)

    Taina Rantanen, Merja Rantakokko, Erja Portegijs & Susanne Iwarsson


    Project: Research

  13. NOMO 1.0 - An instrument for studies of the effect of using mobility devices

    Åse Brandt, Charlotte Löfqvist, K Samuelsson, Anna-Liisa Salminen, T Hurnasti, Terje Sund & I. Jonsdottir


    Project: Research

  14. Use of Powered Wheelchairs and Scooters – Individual and Organizational Perspectives

    Susanne Iwarsson, Åse Brandt, Eva Månsson Lexell, Cecilia Pettersson, Terje Sund, Mette C Andersen, Heidi Anttila, Tina Helle, Jan Lexell, Charlotte Löfqvist, Agneta Malmgren Fänge & Lizette Norin


    Project: Research

  15. Nordic Housing Enabler

    Susanne Iwarsson, Tina Helle, A Pikkarainen, P Haugen, G Gregersen, A-G Hansen, Björn Slaug, Arne Johannisson & Carita Nygren


    Project: Research

  16. Preventive home visits

    Susanne Iwarsson, E Adolfson & G Svensson


    Project: ResearchCollaboration with municipalities and county councils, Clinical research

  17. Housing adaption planning - Implementing research-based methodology in community praxis

    Susanne Iwarsson, Agneta Malmgren Fänge, Björn Slaug, Ralf Risser & Arne Johannisson


    Project: ResearchInterdisciplinary research

  18. Lets go for a walk - Older people in the local environment

    Agneta Ståhl, Gunilla Carlsson, Vibeke Horstmann, Pia Hovbrandt & Maj Almén


    Project: Research

  19. Enable-Age

    Susanne Iwarsson, Carita Nygren, Agneta Malmgren Fänge, Maria Haak, Dahlin-Ivanoff S, J Sixsmith, S Tomsone, Gunilla Carlsson, Pia Hovbrandt, Charlotte Löfqvist, Åse Brandt, Oliver Schilling, Björn Slaug, Vibeke Horstmann, HW. Wahl, A Sixsmith & Z Szeman


    Project: Research

  20. Quality of life among older deaf sign language users

    Monica Werngren-Elgström, Susanne Iwarsson & Ove Dehlin


    Project: ResearchClinical research

  21. Back to work after stroke

    Monika Vestling, Eva Ramel & Susanne Iwarsson


    Project: Research

  22. What benefit do people have of rollators and electric wheelchairs?

    Åse Brandt, Susanne Iwarsson & Agneta Ståhl


    Project: ResearchClinical research

  23. Housing Enabler

    Susanne Iwarsson, Björn Slaug, Carita Nygren, Agneta Malmgren Fänge, Gunilla Carlsson & Arne Johannisson

    1992/01/01 → …

    Project: Research

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