Cancer and matrix remodelling

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Metastasis is responsible for over 90% of cancer-related deaths. In order for cancer cells to spread, they need to adapt to the environment they encounter. Our research aims to understand how cancer cells navigate cancer remodelled extracellular matrix (ECM) and how changes in ECM composition and topology can drive tumorigenesis. We recently discovered a complex, called the STRIPAK complex, to be an important and ancient regulator of ‘plasticity of cell migration’, in both developmental processes and breast cancer metastasis. We believe this complex regulate cell shape changes needed to invade obstacles of different topology. We will continue to target the STRIPAK complex, as a potential new anti-metastatic strategy. Our work is multidisciplinary and we take advantage of various imaging modalities to understand cancer cell migration and ECM remodelling in real time including 2-photon microscopy and multispectral optoacoustic tomography (MSOT).

Recent research outputs

Chitty, J. L., Skhinas, J. N., Filipe, E. C., Shan Wang, Carmen Rodriguez Cupello, Grant, R. D., Yam, M., Papanicolaou, M., Major, G., Zaratzian, A., Da Silva, A. M., Tayao, M., Vennin, C., Timpson, P., Chris D. Madsen & Cox, T. R., 2020 Feb, In : Cancer Reports. 3, 1, e1209.

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Mayorca-Guiliani, A. E., Willacy, O., Chris D Madsen, Rafaeva, M., Elisabeth Heumüller, S., Bock, F., Sengle, G., Koch, M., Imhof, T., Zaucke, F., Wagener, R., Sasaki, T., Erler, J. T. & Reuten, R., 2019 Dec, In : Nature Protocols. 14, p. 3395–3425

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