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Zebrafish and Locust in Neuropharmacology Research Conventional target–centered drug discovery strategies have produced antipsychotics with similar treatment mechanisms. Zebrafish in-vivo profiling provide holistic models focused on drug–response profiles — rather than on receptor affinities —suitable for hit finding activates, lead optimization, or both. An authentic animal system is used to evaluate pharmacotherapies dose–response profiles progress from “disease state” towards “healthy”. The nature of the models (e.g., cost and ethical considerations) makes it also efficient to study combinations of therapies to a larger extent than otherwise possible. Several models — including healthy spontaneous behavior models in which drug induced responses should be at a minimum — are used to evaluate new and known compounds and drugs.


Medicinal/Discovery Chemistry To meet the challenge that the FDA approved drugs addresses less than 10% of the derivatives from the human genome and the statement that only 15% of protein targets are “druggable” with small molecules not considering RNA or DNA, a new class of potential drugs under the name “New Modalities” has surfaced. These compounds are designed to meet the challenge of novel targets (e.g., protein–protein interactions and combinations of protein, RNA, and DNA interactions. We are interested in designing, synthesising and exploring “New Modalities” as CNS therapeutics for neurodegenerative dieases. This encompasses a whole new set of problems dealing with permeability of the BBB as “New Modalities” have a tendency to be larger molecules with poor absorption in general. Using zebrafish and locust as evaluation models, we are currently starting projects towards this aim.

Recent research outputs

Siva, K., Fredrik Ek, Jun Chen, Abdul Ghani Alattar, Sigmundsson, K., Roger Olsson, Wlodarski, M., Lundbäck, T. & Johan Flygare, 2019, In : SLAS discovery : advancing life sciences R & D. 24, 3, p. 304-313 10 p.

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Freiburghaus, C., Venera Kuci Emruli, Johansson, A., Eskelund, C. W., Grønbæk, K., Roger Olsson, Fredrik Ek, Mats Jerkeman & Sara Ek, 2018 Apr 25, In : BMC Cancer. 18, 1, 466.

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