Emergency medicine

Organisational unit: Research group

  1. Research areas and keywords:
    UKÄ subject classification
    • Cardiac and Cardiovascular Systems
    • Other Medical Sciences not elsewhere specified
  2. Ardavan KhoshnoodAssociate Professor, Timlärare, Postdoctoral researcher, Resident Physician, Amanuensis (25%), Medical Intern, Junior Physician, Junior Physician, Junior Physician, Course Coordinator, Attending, Lecturer, Lecturer, Lecturer, Lecturer, Associate Professor, Course (5 ECT), Course (Lund University), Course (5 ECT), Course (5 ECT), Master of Arts (60 ECT), Doctor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Science (180 ECT), Master of Science (120 ECT), Medical Degree (330 ECT)

    Person: Academic

    Research areas and keywords:
    • Criminology, Intelligence Analysis, Criminal Intelligence, Criminal Profiling, Emergency Medicine, Trauma, Firearm-related violence, Political Science, National Security, Security Studies, Terrorism, Shah of Iran, Espionage, Counter-Espionage
  3. Research areas and keywords:
    UKÄ subject classification
    • Clinical Medicine