Environment, Society and Health

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Our research group is working with the challenges in society where the environment and climate change directly and indirectly affect our health. It may be the air we breathe or the noise levels we are exposed to that have negative consequences for our health. However, the environment can also have a positive affect for us when we visit green areas. We, as humans, are not only passively exposed to our environment; we are also a part of our environment and can affect it by our actions. Together we create a society where the environmental health consequences can be large or small. Our commitment is to investigate how the environment affects our health through epidemiological and experimental studies. Together with societal actors, we also perform health impact assessments to quantify environmental health risks to promote science-based solutions. Our goal is to be part of a sustainable society by providing science-based risk assessments to environmental health problems.

Recent research outputs

Emilie Stroh, Christina Isaxon, Anna Oudin & Ebba Malmqvist, 2021 Mar 1, Arbets- och miljömedicin Syd. 23 p.

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Asmamaw Abera, Johan Friberg, Christina Isaxon, Michael Jerrett, Ebba Malmqvist, Cheryl Sjöström, Tahir Taj & Ana Maria Vargas, 2021, In: Annual review of public health. 42, 1, p. 193-210

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