Experimental oncology

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  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Cancer and Oncology


  • Tumor microenvironment , Targeted therapy, Angiogenesis, Cancer-associated fibroblasts, Mouse models of cancer



Our aim is to molecularly map support functions performed by the various cell types comprising the tumor microenvironment. We believe that decisive treatment benefit can only be achieved by targeting several of the cell types that collectively sustain tumor growth. Importantly, the cellular networks within tumors cannot be studied in isolation. Thus, our work ranges over many different topics, with methodology and purpose as common denominators: 1. Basic Biology Identification of new cellular subsets of the tumor stroma and their influence on cancer progression 2. Pre-clinical studies Investigation of the therapeutic utility of the tumor stroma 3. Translational studies Exploration of the tumor stroma as biomarkers of prognosis or response to therapy The overarching aim of our work is to generate basic knowledge about the interdependent way cells within a tumor relate to each other, as well as produce information that will be immediately useful for the design of clinical practice.

Recent research outputs

Costa, T. D. F., Zhuang, T., Lorent, J., Turco, E., Olofsson, H., Masia-Balague, M., Zhao, M., Rabieifar, P., Robertson, N., Kuiper, R., Sjölund, J., Spiess, M., Hernández-Varas, P., Rabenhorst, U., Roswall, P., Ma, R., Gong, X., Hartman, J., Pietras, K., Adams, P. D. & 2 othersDefilippi, P. & Strömblad, S., 2019 Aug 9, In : Nature Communications. 10, 1, p. 1-18 3589.

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Phung, B., Cieśla, M., Sanna, A., Guzzi, N., Beneventi, G., Cao Thi Ngoc, P., Lauss, M., Cabrita, R., Cordero, E., Bosch, A., Rosengren, F., Häkkinen, J., Griewank, K., Paschen, A., Harbst, K., Olsson, H., Ingvar, C., Carneiro, A., Tsao, H., Schadendorf, D. & 3 othersKristian Pietras, Cristian Bellodi & Göran Jönsson, 2019 Jun 18, In : Cell Reports. 27, 12, p. 3573-3586.e7

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Strell, C., Paulsson, J., Jin, S-B., Tobin, N. P., Mezheyeuski, A., Roswall, P., Mutgan, C., Mitsios, N., Johansson, H., Wickberg, S. M., Svedlund, J., Nilsson, M., Hall, P., Mulder, J., Radisky, D. C., Kristian Pietras, Bergh, J., Lendahl, U., Wärnberg, F. & Östman, A., 2019 Feb 28, In : Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

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