Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab

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The research in the research group Molecular Ecology and Evolution Lab is rooted in the fields of both behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology. Our study systems cover bacteria and parasites as well as insects, birds and mammals. Common to all the research projects in the group is that they use molecular techniques to answer evolutionary and ecological questions.


We are a research lab comprised of several smaller groups within the field of Molecular ecology and evolutionary biology. The DNA lab, which is the common centre of our activities, was formed in the late 1980's by Torbjörn von Schantz. We use classical methods such as Sanger sequencing, and modern approaches like high-throughput sequencing to answer our research questions. The studies in our lab cover a broad range of organisms including mammals, birds, insects, parasites and bacteria. Irrespective of organism, the projects make use of various genetic markers to identify processes of isolation, resolving phylogenetic relationships, testing host–parasite associations or identify genes under selection.

Recent research outputs

Olof Hellgren, Victor Kelbskopf, Vincenzo A. Ellis, Arif Ciloglu, Mélanie Duc, Xi Huang, Ricardo J. Lopes, Vanessa A. Mata, Sargis A. Aghayan, Abdullah Inci & Sergei V. Drovetski, 2021 Dec, In: Malaria Journal. 20, 1, 265.

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Pablo Salmón, Arne Jacobs, Dag Ahrén, Clotilde Biard, Niels J Dingemanse, Davide M Dominoni, Barbara Helm, Max Lundberg, Juan Carlos Senar, Philipp Sprau, Marcel E Visser & Caroline Isaksson, 2021 May 20, In: Nature Communications. 12, 14 p., 2983.

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