Molecular therapeutics in breast cancer

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Our ultimate research goal is to find improved ways to treat patients with metastatic breast cancer. Although significant progress in treatment strategies has been made during the last decades, many breast cancer patients still relapse and to date metastatic breast cancer remains an incurable disease. We aim to identify the signalling pathways active in recurrent disease in order to study response to targeted therapeutics against such pathways and to better understand resistance mechanisms. Ongoing projects: 1. Identification of mechanisms that cause acquired resistance to endocrine therapy in metastatic breast cancer. 2. Study of the involvement of cancer stem cells in development of resistance to endocrine treatment. 3. Study of the downstream effectors in MYC driven triple negative breast tumours to find druggable targets in this elusive subtype of breast cancer. 4. Investigate tumour evolution and development of “liquid biopsies” as a surrogate for tumour biopsies.

Recent research outputs

Staaf, J., Glodzik, D., Bosch, A., Vallon-Christersson, J., Reuterswärd, C., Häkkinen, J., Degasperi, A., Amarante, T. D., Saal, L. H., Hegardt, C., Stobart, H., Ehinger, A., Larsson, C., Rydén, L., Loman, N., Malmberg, M., Kvist, A., Ehrencrona, H., Davies, H. R., Borg, Å. & 1 othersNik-Zainal, S., 2019 Sep 30, In : Nature Medicine. 25, p. 1526–1533

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Phung, B., Cieśla, M., Sanna, A., Guzzi, N., Beneventi, G., Cao Thi Ngoc, P., Lauss, M., Cabrita, R., Cordero, E., Bosch, A., Rosengren, F., Häkkinen, J., Griewank, K., Paschen, A., Harbst, K., Olsson, H., Ingvar, C., Carneiro, A., Tsao, H., Schadendorf, D. & 3 othersKristian Pietras, Cristian Bellodi & Göran Jönsson, 2019 Jun 18, In : Cell Reports. 27, 12, p. 3573-3586.e7

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle

Perez-Gracia, J. L., Sanmamed, M. F., Bosch Campos, A., Patiño-Garcia, A., Schalper, K. A., Segura, V., Bellmunt, J., Tabernero, J., Sweeney, C. J., Choueiri, T. K., Martín, M., Fusco, J. P., Rodriguez-Ruiz, M. E., Calvo, A., Prior, C., Paz-Ares, L., Pio, R., Gonzalez-Billalabeitia, E., Gonzalez Hernandez, A., Páez, D. & 15 othersPiulats, J. M., Gurpide, A., Andueza, M., Velasco, G., Pazo, R., Grande, E., Nicolas, P., Abad-Santos, F., Garcia-Donas, J., Castellano, D., Pajares, M. J., Suarez, C., Colomer, R., Montuenga, L. M. & Melero, I., 2017 Feb 1, In : Cancer Treatment Reviews. 53, p. 79-97

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