MR Physics

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  1. B0DETOX - a cross-vendor platform for B0 shimming

    Gunther Helms & Christoph W Juchem


    Project: Network

  2. INsIDER: INsIDER (ImagiNg the Interplay between Axonal DamagE and Repair in Multiple Sclerosis)

    Cristina Granziera, Matthias Weigel, Gunther Helms, Wolfgang Brück & Peter Dechent


    Project: Research

  3. T2 mapping and myelin water imaging at 7T using 3D GraSe

    Gunther Helms, Vanessa Wiggermann & Alex Rauscher

    2017/07/04 → …

    Project: Research

  4. hMRI Toolbox Team

    Gunther Helms

    2017/01/02 → …

    Project: Network

  5. Multiparametric mapping of the brain at 7T using gradient echoes

    Gunther Helms, Hampus Olsson & Mads Andersen


    Project: Research

  6. Effects of Relaxation and Magnetization Transfer in VFA Experiments

    Gunther Helms & Yosef Al-Abasse


    Project: Research

  7. Structural brain MRI and SPECT of common marmosets using clinical scanners

    Gunther Helms, Christina Schlumbohm, Enrique Garea Rodriguez, Ruth Stassart & Eberhard Fuchs


    Project: Research

  8. eSSENCE

    Göran Sandberg, Freddy Ståhlberg, Marianne Gullberg, Bo Jönsson, Tommy Bengtsson & Anders Lindroth

    Uppsala University


    Project: Other

  9. Algebraization of MRI signal equations

    Gunther Helms & Henning Dathe

    2007/08/07 → …

    Project: Research