Networks and Security

Organisational unit: Research group

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  1. Vicinity App

    Emma Fitzgerald

    EIT Digital


    Project: ResearchInternational collaboration

  2. The Digital Society - prospects and challenges

    Per Runeson, Stefan Larsson, Inger Arvidsson, Jutta Haider, Thore Husfeldt, Håkan Hydén, Carita Håkansson, Sara Kjellberg, Jonas Ledendal, Tobias Olsson, Björn Regnell, Ulf Maunsbach, Ben Smeets, Måns Svensson, Robert Willim, Philip Young & Britt Östlund


    Project: NetworkInterdisciplinary research, International collaboration

  3. HATCH: HATCH: Handling Vulnerabilities in the Value Chain

    Martin Höst & Martin Hell

    Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)


    Project: Research

  4. E! Celtic-Plus 5G PERFECTA

    Maria Kihl, Emma Fitzgerald & William Tärneberg

    Swedish Government Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova)


    Project: Other

  5. CloudiFacturing: Cloudification of Production Engineering for Predictive Digital Manufacturing

    Christian Gehrmann

    European Commission - Horizon 2020


    Project: Research