Neutrophils – new mechanisms and new biomarkers

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Our research is conducted at the division of infection medicine at BMC in close collaboration with the division of rheumatology. The research is focused on new neutrophil mechanisms that can explain or prognosticate infectious diseases. The approach to the projects is either translational, where we try to explain why certain individuals turn ill due to infections, or more clinically focused, where we try to find new markers that can prognosticate the risk for developing severe infections. Our main focuses are: 1. Neutrophilic function in mucus and mucus membranes such as saliva and airways. 2. The use of neutrophilic receptors and proteins as biomarkers for severe infections. 3. Neutrophilic functions in rheumatic diseases. 4. Neutrophilic function in induced immunodeficiency (e.g. cancer therapy)

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