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  • Physiotherapy


Physiotherapy encompasses studies and knowledge of humans in motion with regard to the ability to perceive, utilize, control and use the body in a functional manner. Physiotherapeutic research aim to explain and understand health from different perspectives with respect for diversity and multiplicity. Physiotherapy strives to promote health and prevent poor health during different stages of life and aim to increase function, activity and participation.


The research means to increase the understanding of the mechanisms behind disorders and injuries as well as those promoting health, and of the behavioural, biomechanical and physiological effects. Physiotherapy may comprise studies of methods, theories and implementation at different organizational levels. These perspectives also include developing tests and outcome measures to assess activity and function and creating methods and interventions for treatment, rehabilitation and training. The physiotherapeutic research in our team is primarily targeting seven areas: Physical activity and training, People in the contexts of working life, Behavioural medicine and mental health, Educational science, Musculoskeletal disorders, Epidemiology and public health, and Neurology.

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