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The Centre for Economic Demography consists of more than thirty collaborators in economic history, economics, social medicine, social work and statistics that in their research focus on socioeconomic issues from a historical and international demographic perspective. In 2006 the Centre was awarded one of the so-called Linnaeus grants that form part of the Swedish Research Council?s new emphasis on long-term financing of cutting-edge research. The Linnaeus grant, first introduced in 2006 and granted in national competition with all research areas represented, guarantees 10 years of research funding at the Centre and the establishment of a research school that will safeguard the need of new research talents in the future.


Areas of research: Factors behind changes in fertility: the long-term decline, the long waves, and the short-term variations. Factors behind changes in mortality: the long-term decline, age-specific mortality, and causes of death. Factors behind immigration, and emigration/return migration: economic and political aspects, and the economic integration of immigrants. Demographic causes of changes in age composition. Effects of decreasing child-births: the family, the school and educational system Effects of increasing longevity (individual ageing): the individual, the family, geriatric care, and the pension system. Effects of changes in age composition (population ageing): the labour market, the health care system, and the pension system.

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