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  1. Study on the light stability of natural colorants in solid state

    Cecilia Curi, Vandana Tannira, C. Yang, Niko Gentile, Juan Antonio Alvarado Kirigin & Björn Bergenståhl

    Project: Research

  2. IEA SHC Task 63 Solar Neighborhood Planning

    Maria Wall


    Project: Research

  3. Urban Creativity Lund

    Peter Bengtsen, Erik Hannerz, Emma Nilsson, Georgios Stampoulidis, Alexander Paulsson, Anders Lund Hansen, Jacob Kimvall & Matilda Arvidsson

    2019/05/15 → …

    Project: Network

  4. Cost-effective Energy Renovation of Buildings at District Level - Swedish participation in IEA EBC Annex 75

    Erik Johansson, Johnny Kronvall, Andreas Rudenå & Mohamad Kharseh


    Project: Research

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